Let’s start from the start

Let’s start from the start

Hi there, you already know my name (that is why you are on this website) and I am a WordPress Developer. In this post, I am going to tell you my journey to becoming the developer from the start. So, let’s begin.

How it all started

It all started back in 1998 when I fall in love with this crazy thing called “computer”. I and Junaid (who was one of my buddies in school) used to go to an internet cafe. I decided to become a software engineer as soon as I got my certification in Microsoft Office and gradually in a span of 2 years I started programming. It was just a habit in the start as I created some small applications and scripts to run in mIRC (an IRC client) which is a common IRC client for windows.

Slowly, my obsession for website programming languages started and I jumped into HTML and CSS. I still remember learning from w3schools.com as it always came in quite handy. Professionally, I started front-end programming in early 2006 with the launch of my IRC hosting company. Desperately, I needed a website for my company and then decides to create one myself.

The passion of programming increased with time since then and I became a website developer. My IRC Hosting business couldn’t last very long due to various reasons including DDoS attacks and price fluctuation in the market and in 2009 I took the final decision to close it for good and decided to choose website development as a career. I delivered various local projects in the start which came in through referrals.

Freelancing on UpWork

One day a friend told me that we can earn money online in a legal way on a platform called oDesk (back then) which is currently known as UpWork. I created an account on UpWork but for some reason, I couldn’t concentrate on getting projects there because I was so busy on learning different programming languages and stuff. After a month of submitting proposals for different projects, I won my first project on UpWork in 2011.

Let's start from the start

You must be thinking what I had been doing in those 2 years, well it turned out that working on UpWork required some serious level skills so I had done multiple certifications. I tried my best to close this first project and I got a 5-star rating with great feedback from the client which got me another 2 to 3 projects right away and since then I became a full-time freelance website developer on UpWork.

This was the short story about myself. I will keep updating this post as soon as I get time to write and I know I am not a very writer 😛

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